14 Police Officers Take Down a One-Legged Homeless Black Man

Police forcefully held down a man with only one leg when they may have mistaken his crutches for weapons, video shows.

The incident was caught on camera August 4 by journalist Chaédria LaBouvier, who was on her way to her offices at Medium in San Francisco’s Market district when at least 14 cops descended on an apparently homeless one-legged man.

The incident in a high tech corner of Silicon Valley, right near the offices of Twitter and Uber.

It’s unclear why the cops were called on him, but LaBouvier speculates that a nearby deli owner thought he was waving his crutches.

Despite clear evidence that the man had only one leg – his prosthetic was hanging out of his pants – several officers surrounded him, pinned him to the ground, and pushed his head down, ignoring his wails of protest.

The journalist wrote that at least 14 cops surrounded the man.

‘What are you doing this for?’ he repeatedly asks but gets no reply. ‘These are my crutches. I use these to walk.’

At one point, a cop kneels on his prosthetic and real leg.

LaBouvier wrote on Medium that the police detained him for at least half an hour, waiting for an ambulance to arrive.