2 Jewish Converts To Islam Join ISIS

The Shin Bet intelligence agency has gathered information about 20 Israelis who joined the ranks of the ISIS terrorist organization in Syria, Channel 2 News reported.

The majority of the Israeli citizens who joined ISIS were Israeli Arabs.

However, two of the terrorist group’s Israeli recruits were born Jewish.

The two had immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union and changed their religions. They are currently listed as Muslims in the national registry.

Another Israeli who joined ISIS is an Israeli Arab from Fureidis in northern Israel who served in the IDF in the past, and decided to fight for ISIS in Syria.

The Shin Bet drafted the list of Israelis following an amendment to the Citizenship Law that allows the revocation of the citizenship of Israeli citizens who have joined terrorist organizations, even without their presence.

Yesterday, the list was transferred to the Interior Ministry.

The ministry will begin the process of revoking the citizenship of the 20 Israelis who joined ISIS.

When the process is completed, those who join ISIS will become state,less and will not be able to return to Israel or to travel freely throughout the world.

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