Pennsylvania Police officer Fatally Shot, Another Injured In Ambush Attack

One Pennsylvania was shot and killed and another was injured when a gunman opened fire on them as they responded to an early morning domestic dispute Thursday, officials said.

Police confirmed the suspect, Michael Cwiklinski, was also killed following a manhunt in the area. Details about his death have not been released.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the shooting, which broke out as soon as the cops arrived at Cwiklinski’s home to check in on the reported argument.

One of the cops died after the shooting, and the other officer’s condition was not immediately released.

The gunman fled the scene, prompting schools to cancel class as SWAT teams scoured the area. Around 9 a.m., officials confirmed Cwiklinski was dead. It’s unclear how, when or where he died.

The suspect’s neighbor heard the aftermath of the shooting and witnessed emergency responders carrying a wounded officer into an ambulance on a gurney.

“I heard the medics say, ‘stay with me, breathe. Hang in there. You’re going to be okay,'” the neighbor, only identified as Shaun, told WXPI.

Neither police office has been identified.

Cwiklinski pleaded guilty to harassment in July, according to court records. The 47-year-old faced similar charges in March and last November.

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