Jerusalem – Israeli Yeshiva Student Drowns In Reservoir

Jerusalem – A yeshiva student, aged about 20, was found dead in a reservoir near the Beit Zayit dam Thursday evening. Read more

US Millionaire Hid Purchase of West Bank Property

The right-wing American philanthropist Irving Moskowitz purchased an abandoned church near Hebron for future use as a Jewish West Bank settlement, employing a variety of shell corporations and charitable organizations to cover up the acquisition of the property, the Haaretz daily reported Thursday. Read more

ACLU: Video Shows Cops Forcing Pregnant Woman To The Ground

BARSTOW, Calif. – A video released by the ACLU of Southern California appears to show two officers of the Barstow, Calif., police department wrestling a woman who was 8-months pregnant to the ground, reports CBS Los Angeles. Read more

Leaders of Jewish Hasidic Sect In Stamford Hill ‘Ban’ Women From Driving

The leaders of an Orthodox Jewish sect in north London have reportedly declared that women should not be allowed to drive in a letter sent out to the community. Read more

2 Hialeah Police K-9 Dogs Found Dead In Officer’s Vehicle

Two Hialeah police dogs died Wednesday when their handler apparently left them in his vehicle after returning to his Davie home from work, according to authorities. Read more

Jerusalem ‘Cult’ Rabbi Barred From Teaching Girls

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court has barred Rabbi Aharon Ramati from teaching girls and from managing any educational institution for at least 70 days.

Ramati, the former head of the Be’er Miriam seminary in Jerusalem, is accused of operating the seminary like a “cult.” Former students claim they were unable to leave, and were encouraged to break off contact with their families.

The judge’s official ruling is that Ramati is barred from “managing, directly or indirectly, this seminary or any other educational institution including as a teacher, acting as a supervisory rabbi or spiritual counselor for 70 days or until an indictment is filed, the earlier of the two.”

Rabbi Sells Kosher Sex Toys

An Israeli rabbi is helping the devout in the bedroom while keeping it “kosher” with a website that markets sex toys to religious Jews. Read more

Palestinian Charged With Sexually Assaulting, Murdering Tourist

A Palestinian man unsuccessfully tried to sexually assault a Polish tourist and then strangled her to death to prevent her from report him, according to an indictment filed at the Nazareth District Court on Thursday. Read more

Russian Opposition Activist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Ally of Boris Nemtsov ‘Poisoned’

A friend of a leading Russian opposition politician gunned down outside the Kremlin was admitted to hospital after being poisoned, it was claimed last night. Read more

A Cryptic Text Message Could Crash Your iPhone

A newly discovered software bug is causing some iPhones to crash when they receive a certain text message. Read more