All New Jersey Troopers Getting Body Cameras Under New Policy

New Jersey plans to put body cameras on all state troopers who work in the field and is issuing guidelines on how local police forces statewide should use the devices. Read more

Beloved Satmar Figure In Belgium Dies In Collision

Luxembourg, Belgium – Funeral arrangements are being made in Antwerp for a well known Satmar askan who died this evening in a head on crash in the mountains of Belgium. Read more

Philadelphia – Police Chase Spanning 2 States Ending In Rollover Crash Began Over Warrant For Stolen Underwear

Philadelphia – Police say a man who led officers on a wild two-hour chase spanning two states had been facing charges of stealing $21 worth of underwear from a supermarket. Read more

Massachusetts Cop Threatens To Shoot Driver In Head on Dashcam Video

MEDFORD — A Medford police officer is on administrative leave after he was recorded threatening a driver during a traffic stop Sunday night. Read more

Israel – Former Top officer Fired For Lying About Sex Harassment Allegation Against Colleague

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan fired a former top police officer on Tuesday, nearly two years after he was first reprimanded for failing to report a sexual harassment complaint against former Jerusalem Police Chief Nisso Shaham and for lying about the complaint during question by Justice Ministry investigators. Read more

Jonathan Pollard To Be Released November 20

Jonathan Pollard is set to be released from jail on November 20, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Tuesday. Read more

Toronto Jewish Community on Alert After Threats By Hooded Men Taking Photos of Synagogue

TORONTO — The greater Toronto Jewish community is disquieted and on the alert after three hooded men took photos and yelled threats outside a Thornhill synagogue. Read more

ZOA Agrees With Huckabee, Iran Deal Could Lead To Holocaust-Like Massacre of Jews

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has supported former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee remarking on the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal with Iran, that it would “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven” (Peter Baker, ‘Obama Criticizes Huckabee, Trump, Cruz and Other Republicans,’ New York Times). Read more

Mahwah Police Searching For Van After Man Grabs Bag With $141K Left Behind By ATM Worker

MAHWAH, N.J. — The search is on in New Jersey for a man in a van who police said drove off with a bag filled with tens of thousands of dollars that was accidentally left behind by an employee of an ATM company. Read more

Police officer Investigated After Inmate Is Treated Like Animal

SARASOTA – As he was being booked into the Sarasota County jail, an officer tossed peanuts into Randy Miller’s mouth as if feeding a dog or an animal at the zoo. Read more