Huge Nazi Prop Flag Shocks French City

NICE, France — A huge Nazi flag on the facade of a building has caused dismay in the southern French city of Nice, with some residents apparently unaware it was a prop for a World War II film. Read more

Why Are Non-Jewish American Celebs Buying Real Estate In Israel?

After Kanye West performed in Israel on Wednesday night, he presumably had to sleep in a bed that he didn’t own. The declared presidential candidate may not have to suffer that indignity on his next trip to the Holy Land. Read more

Jewish American Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren Announces He Is Stepping Down As CEO

NEW YORK – Jewish American designer Ralph Lauren, who built a fashion powerhouse on luxury designs inspired by country club chic, announced Tuesday he is stepping down as chief executive officer and named the head of Gap Inc’s populist Old Navy brand to the position. Read more

FBI Allegedly Destroys Evidence Of Massive Kiryas Joel Welfare Fraud

GOSHEN – Information gathered by an Orange County Social Services employee pertaining to alleged fraud by a county client has been destroyed by the FBI because the investigation conducted by employee Nicole Latreille was not authorized, county spokesman Justin Rodriguez said Tuesday. Read more

Washington – US Finds Kuwait Airline Discriminates Against Israelis

Washington – In a challenge to boycotts of Israel, the U.S. government has found that Kuwait Airways unlawfully discriminated against a passenger traveling on an Israeli passport by refusing to sell him a ticket for a New York to London flight. Read more

Charleston, SC – Officer Shot Dead At South Carolina Mall

FOREST ACRES, S.C. – A police officer responding to a report of a suspicious person was fatally shot at a suburban South Carolina mall on Wednesday, and police say a suspect is in custody. Read more

Bahrain Says Uncovers Large Bomb-making Factory Linked To Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah

Manama – Police in Bahrain say they’ve discovered 1.5 tons of explosives in a warehouse and an underground bunker south of the capital, Manama. Read more

New York Military Academy Sold In Bidding War To Chinese Investors

Cornwall, NY – The bankrupt New York Military Academy, a 126-year-old preparatory school on the Hudson River that counts billionaire Donald Trump among its graduates, was sold on Wednesday after a bidding war between groups backed by two China-based investors. Read more