ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav: Working Does Not Contradict Torah

ZAKA chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav describes sparingly and with restraint the things he and thousands of his volunteers at ZAKA do. Read more

Privacy Laws Cited About Suspended Westchester Chaplain Jeremy Reichberg

A meeting that discussed the suspension of a volunteer Westchester County police chaplain didn’t delve too deeply into his Brooklyn residency or qualifications after the county police commissioner invoked state privacy laws. Read more

Fugitive Rabbi Accused of Sex Crimes Wants ‘Guarantees’ If Extradited To Israel

JOHANNESBURG – The attorney for Israeli Rabbi Eliezer Berland, a fugitive accused of serial sex crimes, closed his case at the rabbi’s bail hearing in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, mounting an impassioned plea that the rabbi be given bail, especially since it is Passover. Read more

Milan Rabbi Arrested In Alleged Domestic Violence Case

ROME — Police in Milan have arrested a rabbi for domestic violence after he allegedly hit and verbally abused one of his eight children. Read more

New Claims Say Beyonce’s Song ‘Refers To Composite of Women Jay Z Cheated During Their Marriage’

They’re keeping the whole world guessing as to the identity of ‘Becky with the good hair.’ Read more

Security Breach In Waze Lets Hackers Stalk Users

Computer researchers in the US have demonstrated a way of breaching the globally popular Waze road navigation application that allows hackers to track users’ movements or even create fake traffic jams. Read more

First Jewish Chief of Staff Appointed To Head US Air Force

For the first time since its founding in 1947, the United States Air Force is going to be under the command of a Jewish Chief of Staff. Read more

PA’s Billion Dollar Terror Funding Scam Revealed

A shocking report on Wednesday reveals that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has fooled Western governments, raking in over a billion dollars in aid from them annually despite breaching their demands that it stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners. Read more

US Military Used Israel’s ‘Roof Knock’ Tactic In Iraq To Warn Civilians Before Bombing

WASHINGTON – The United States borrowed an Israeli military tactic known as “roof knocking” to try to warn civilians before it dropped a bomb targeting Islamic State fighters in Iraq this month, but a woman was killed in the attack, a US military official said on Tuesday. Read more