Wendi Deng Dating Vladimir Putin, Us Weekly Claims

Two weeks ago Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife No.3 Wendi Deng, 47, was arm-in-arm with hunky violinist and part-time underwear model Charlie Siem, 17 years her junior, in the front row of Paris Fashion Week looking particularly smitten. Read more

Murder Investigation Opened Into Disappearance of US Citizen Colin Madsen In Siberia

The Russian equivalent of the FBI has opened a murder probe into the disappearance of an American student missing for almost a week in Siberia. Read more

Judge Slashes Wall Street Perv’s Damages Judgment To $5.6M

A Manhattan judge took an ax to ​the $18 million ​a jury awarded to a beautiful Swedish intern ​in her sexual harassment and defamation lawsuit against real-life wolf of Wall Street Benjamin Wey. Read more

Israeli Tourist, 21, Found Dead on Bus In Peru

A young Israeli woman died Thursday in Peru after traveling in the country’s western Huaraz region, the Foreign Ministry announced. Read more

Reopen Tair Rada Murder Case

n a new development in the the murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada a decade ago, T., another former boyfriend of the woman who allegedly confessed to killing Rada, partially confirmed the accusations against her in an exlusive interview with JL and called on the police and the prosecution Thursday to “reexamine the allegations in depth and reopen the case.” Read more

‘Sex Rabbi’ Selling New Jersey Mansion For $3.5 Million

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who calls himself “America’s Rabbi,” is seeking to sell his mansion in suburban New York City. Read more

Brazilian Billionaire Joseph Safra Charged With Corruption

Brazilian prosecutors have filed corruption charges against billionaire Joseph Safra, said by Fortune magazine to be the world’s richest banker, and five others for involvement in an alleged scheme to pay off government tax auditors. Read more