Police Search For Possible Link In False Shooting Reports At JFK and LAX Airports

Law enforcement in New York and Los Angeles are checking whether recent gunfire scares at JFK and LAX were coordinated attempts to “test the system” and see how authorities respond to such situations. Read more

Israel – Four Men In Car Burst Through Ben Gurion Airport Security Barrier

Four people were arrested Tuesday night after they rammed a security barrier at Ben Gurion Airport and two of them then attempted to flee on foot, prompting a chase by security personnel. Read more

New Orleans – Crashed Sightseeing Plane Pulled From Lake Near New Orleans

New Orleans – A crane on a barge lifted the wreckage of a small sightseeing plane from a lake near New Orleans on Tuesday, the bodies of the pilot and a passenger still in the cabin, authorities said. Read more

Good Samaritans Rescue Lakewood Baby Left In Parked Car While Orthodox Jewish Mom Shopped

HOWELL — Steve Eckel cleared out his car for a shopping trip Monday, but left one item behind: a sledgehammer. Read more

Chris Brown and Police In Standoff After 911 Call By Woman

After an hours-long standoff with police, Chris Brown emerged from his house Tuesday afternoon and authorities searched his Los Angeles property, the Associated Press reported. Read more

Islamic State Group Says Spokesman Killed In Syria

Beirut – The Islamic State group said Tuesday that its spokesman and senior commander has been killed while overseeing military operations in northern Syria, and threatened to avenge his death. Read more

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Teacher Reportedly Fired For Getting Her Driver’s License

Israel’s Ministry of Education is investigating a report that a female teacher in an ultra-Orthodox school was fired for obtaining a driver’s license. Read more

Jacob Teitelbaum: Stop Hiding Behind Your Holy Father, Go Seek Help Immediately. You Are A Sick Person, A Danger To Society.