‘Jews Are Taking Down Their Mezuzahs In Fear of Anti-Semitism’

Swastikas and other anti-Semitic elements were drawn vehicles, playgrounds and school walls in New York City. Read more

Leader of Anti Trump Women’s March Is Palestinian TERRORIST Who BOMBED British Consulate

ONE of the organisers behind the next women’s march against President Donald Trump has been revealed as a Palestinian terrorist who took part in two deadly bombings in Israel. Read more

Dozens of Headstones Damaged At Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

WISSINOMING – Dozens of headstones at a Jewish cemetery in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia have been broken and overturned. Read more

OJ Simpson Could Be Released Within Months

OJ Simpson could walk free from jail in a few months after serving less than a third of his sentence before cashing in on his multi-million dollar NFL pension. Read more

Israeli Paid Colombians To Film Violent Child Pornography

An Israeli man was charged on Sunday with commissioning the production of violent child pornography and possessing huge quantities of exceedingly graphic videos and pictures. Read more

Bank of Israel: Tycoon Loan Losses No Danger To Banks

The Bank of Israel on Sunday answered back critics who say lenders and regulators were too ready to give tycoons and their holding companies loans and too hesitant in trying to get repaid when the loans went bad. Read more

Financial Side of Terrorism

In Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, many militant groups in the garb of “fighting for ideology” are engaged in criminal activities: from smuggling to kidnappings, narco trade to arm deals. Read more

Mayor De Blasio Reportedly Questioned By Feds on Satmar Ties

New York City’s mayor met for several hours Friday with federal authorities looking into allegations that donors to his mayoral campaign were promised favors. Read more

Hong Kong Police Face Israeli, German Backlash After Comparing Local Cops To Jews Persecuted By Nazis

Hong Kong police faced a type of a diplomatic incident this week after an officer compared local cops to Jews persecuted by the Nazis during Holocaust. Read more

NYPD: Man Found Dead of Suspected OD In Exclusive Club

A man was found dead of a suspected overdose in an exclusive members-only Lower East Side club, police sources said Saturday. Read more