Beit Shemesh – Haredi Teacher, Principal, Abuse 12-Year-old Girl

Parents of a 12-year-old girl are claiming their daughter was abused in the “Mishkenot Da’at” Beit Yaakov school in Beit Shemesh. Read more

Co-Founder of Calgary oil Company Gets Five Years In Prison For Stealing $5M

The co-founder of an Alberta oil and gas company has been sentenced to five years in prison for defrauding Arcan Resources Ltd., which he established with his brother and another man. Read more

Albanian Gangs ‘Controlling’ UK Drug Trafficking Market

The National Crime Agency has said it is increasingly concerned about violent Albanian criminal gangs, which have considerable control over the illegal cocaine market. Read more

Feds Bust NY Man Suspected of Selling AK-47s, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher In Kosovo

The feds have charged a Staten Island man for allegedly selling more than a dozen AK-47s and an anti-tank rocket launcher in Kosovo. Read more

Florida Man Tied To Global Hacking Scam Gets 5 1/2 Years

A Florida man was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for running a bitcoin exchange that is suspected of laundering money for a group of hackers who targeted publishing and financial firms as part of a complex securities fraud. Read more

Israel Cyber Authority: Dozens of Hospital Computers Hacked, No Damage Done

Computing systems at a number of Israeli hospitals were attacked late Wednesday night, but no substantial damage was caused, according to the National Cyber Security Authority. Read more

Was Esti Weinstein’s Suicide Trigger Her Own Inner Dilemma?

New documents showing Esti Weinstein’s difficult inner struggle were revealed by Hebrew-language newspaper Israel Hayom. Read more

Sydney – Can A Woman Refuse To Give Her Husband A Jewish Religious Divorce? It Just Happened In Australia

Sydney, Australia – The plight of “agunot,” Jewish women whose husbands refuse to grant them a divorce, is well known. There are organizations, social media campaigns and movies that address the issue. Read more

NYPD And ATF Seek Information Regarding Unsolved Central Park Explosion

The NYPD and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are asking for the public’s help with the investigation into an explosion in Central Park that severely injured a male victim. Read more

Family of David Sneddon, Missing US Student, Says North Korea Kidnapped Him

The parents of an American college student who disappeared in China in 2004 said they are convinced their son was kidnapped by the North Korean regime to teach English and is alive inside the Hermit Kingdom — citing a plethora of circumstantial evidence collected over the years indicating an abduction. Read more