Israeli State Witness In Submarine Graft Probe Moved To Safe House

Police have reportedly moved to a safe house the state’s witness in an investigation into suspected corruption in a multi-billion-shekel deal to purchase naval vessels from Germany, due to concerns for his safety. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Asi Abutbul Indicted For Two Old Unsolved Murders

Crime boss Asi Abutbul was indicted Tuesday for the murder nine years ago of attorney Yoram Hakham—who served as his lawyer at the time—and for the murder of another person named Arthur Rosen. Read more

3 Busted In $100 Million Money Laundering Scheme

NEW JERSEY – Authorities say a massive money laundering scheme was busted. The investigation out of South Jersey was nine months in the making. Read more

Police Search For Man Who Threatened Miami Synagogue

MIAMI – Police are asking for the public’s help in their search for a man who, police said, threatened to shoot up a Northeast Miami-Dade synagogue. Read more

Israeli Firm Sees The Spy Agencies Behind The Sexy Images

This looks like a fake one,” said Eyal Sela, head of threat intelligence at Tel Aviv-based firm ClearSky Cyber Security. Read more

Lewis Bennett, Husband of Delray Beach Woman Missing At Sea, Arrested By The FBI

He reported his wife lost on the seas, but Lewis Bennett had a stash of collectible silver and gold coins with him as their boat sank and he floated on a raft, according to federal authorities. Read more

Lindsay Jacoby, Oppenheimer Recruiter, Dies of Apparent Suicide

Lindsay Jacoby, a wealth management recruiter at Oppenheimer & Co., died in Manhattan of an apparent suicide, the New York City Police Department said. She was 40 years old. Read more

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan In ‘Unprecedented’ Escalation

SEOUL, South Korea — Nuclear-armed North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday, South Korea’s military and the Japanese government said, in a major escalation by Pyongyang amid tensions over its weapons ambitions. Read more