Jay Cutler’s Brother-In-Law Has Been Missing For 10 Days

GRAND COUNTY, Utah — Authorities are seeking the public’s help in locating a California man who is reportedly missing out of Grand County, Utah, and police have confirmed the man’s sister is an actress who appeared in “The Hills” and his brother-in-law is Chicago Bear’s quarterback Jay Cutler.

Grand County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the missing person case of Michael Cavallari, of San Clemente, Calif. The investigation began last month when authorities found Cavallari’s vehicle near Interstate 70.

On Nov. 27, Grand County Dispatch was contacted regarding a vehicle that was about 100 feet off the Floy Wash Road, according to a press release from Grand County Sheriff’s Office. When deputies arrived, they discovered a 2014 Honda Civic about five miles south of exit 175 on I-70.

The driver of the vehicle was not found in the immediate area. Deputies discovered the vehicle was registered to Cavallari, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Information received from San Clemente law enforcement led investigators to believe the vehicle was driven by Michael Cavallari,” the release states.

Credit card transaction receipts led investigators to a conveince store in Monticello where secutiry footage positively identified the driver as Cavallari.

“At this time, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office is handling this matter as an active missing person investigation,” the release states.

Authorities in Grand County confirm the man’s sister is Kristin Elizabeth Cutler, who appeared in “The Hills”. Cutler is married to Jay Cutler, who is an NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Anyone with information regarding Michael Cavallari’s whereabouts is asked to call Grand County Sheriff’s Office at 435-259-8115.

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