Netanyahu’s Dog Breaks Hanukka Spirit, Bites Two At PM Residence

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s beloved dog, Kaiya, proved to be a biter Wednesday night at a Hanukka candle-lighting ceremony for Likud members at the prime minister’s residence.

The adopted canine unexpectedly bit Likud MK Sharon Haskel and the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely during the ceremony. The two required medical attention for biting wounds.

One of the party guests said that Haskel, who is a trained veterinarian, was first bit by Kaiya. The guest hypothesized that the dog was probably overwhelmed by the mass of people and bit the MK out of panic.

Netanyahu accompanied Haskel to receive medical attention.

About five minutes later, Hotovely’s husband pet the dog despite being warned by Netanyahu about her biting tendencies. He too was bit, and was treated by three paramedics on site.

Netanyahu apologized for both instances, which took place before the candle-lighting.

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