Jewish Wedding Guest Charged In Waldorf-Astoria Shooting

The drunken wedding guest who accidentally fired his gun at the Waldorf-Astoria in June, wounding four, has finally been charged in the case, law-enforcement sources said Tuesday.

Klutzy liquor-store owner Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, of Brighton Beach was set to be arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon along with his brother, Felix, 51, who allegedly helped him hide the gun after the stupid guest trick, sources said.

Vladimir faces charges of assault, criminal negligence, reckless assault and tampering with evidence, sources said.
His brother was hit with two raps: criminal weapons possession and tampering with evidence.

Vladimir had been partying during a booze-fueled pre-reception cocktail hour at the tony Manhattan hotel in June when the legal 9mm Ruger he was carrying in his pocket went off.

The bullet shot through his pants and ricocheted off the marble floor, grazing a female guest’s head. Three more people were injured by flying marble, tile and glass shards.

Authorities say Vladimir panicked amid the ensuing mayhem and as cops descended on the scene slipped the gun to his brother, who then allegedly turned it over to their mother.

The mom then gave it to Vladimir’s wife, who went home and locked it in the family safe, sources have said.
It’s unclear why the two women were not charged.

The bizarre incident occurred after bride Anna Goldshmidt was married but before her dream million-dollar reception could take place. She is suing the Waldorf for canceling the reception because of the shooting.

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