Nochi Dankner Survives South America Helicopter Crash

Israeli businessman Nochi Dankner survived a helicopter crash in the South American jungle several days ago. 

Danker was in South America for a business tour, along with other Israeli and international businessmen.

During the flight, the helicopter suffered a serious engine malfunction, causing the helicopter to drop dozens of meters. Danker has since returned to Israel, and his associates say he is in fine condition.

Danker, one of the most powerful people in the Israel until 2014, was the majority shareholder and chairman of IDB, Israel’s largest holdings company, before he lost control of the firm to Moti Ben-Moshe and Eduardo Elsztain.

Dankner is currently on trial for stock manipulation after he was charged with illegally pumping IDB stock prices.

The last hearing before the court’s ruling is slated for Thursday.

Dankner is also negotiating a 500-million shekel ($138 million) personal debt with Israeli banks Hapoalim and Leumi.

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