Trial Date Set For Former Suffolk Police Chief James Burke

A trial date was set Wednesday in the case of the former Suffolk County police chief ​accused of covering up his beat​ing of a junkie ​who was in custody for stealing sex toys and porn ​the cop boss​ had in his SUV.

James Burke was busted on ­civil-rights and obstruction charges Dec. 9 for pummeling Christopher Loeb in a rage after the cuffed burglary suspect called him a “pervert” over the swiped bag’s salacious ­contents.

The former chief has pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Burke was missing his trademark mustache during his appearance before Judge Leonard Wexler, who determined the trial shall begin March 21.

The Post exclusively revealed in December that the disgraced cop also purposely neglected to inform the feds about a series of unsolved murders in Giglo Beach, which may be the work of a serial killer.

Burke withheld evidence because​​ he learned he was under investigation for assaulting Loeb, sources said.

A known heroin addict, Burke threatened to kill Loeb by injecting him with poison-laced drugs after his arrest in Dec 2012.

He also allegedly told other cops to get their “stories straight”– intimidating one officer so badly that he even lied under oath.

The former chief, who resigned last October, is currently awaiting a $434,000 check for unused sick and vacation time, according to a recent report from Newsday.

Burke’s attorney declined comment.

Burke faces 25 years in prison. He’s expected back in court Feb. 2.

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