Hiker Discovers Car, ID of California Mother Who Mysteriously Disappeared 3 Years Ago

A hiker has stumbled upon bones along with ID and a car belonging to a woman who disappeared more than three years ago.

Megan Dipiazza had not been seen since November 2012, when the then 33-year-old left a note saying goodbye to her family in the rubbish bin of her Los Angeles home.

An unnamed hiker discovered the mother’s car in the nearby Angeles National Forest on Sunday, the New York Daily News reports.

He later realised how significant that was after he searched the name on an ID card he found.

Investigators on the scene discovered a family photo and her credit cards in the vehicle 500 feet down a ravine.

Bones, which are being tested for a DNA match, were also found at the scene though it is not clear from US reports how close to the vehicle they were.

Keys for the car were still in the ignition, though the seat belt was not fastened, Glendale police told the LA Times.

The discovery of remains in September had led to hopes from Ms Dipiazza’s family that the mysterious disappearance would be explained, but provided no resolution to the case.

Ms Dipiazza and her husband had been in the middle of a divorce before she went missing, according to ABC7.

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