Madonna Sends Out Tu B’Shvat Greeting on Social Media

Kabbalah convert and pop star Madonna sent out an unlikely Tu Bishvat greeting on Tuesday, in the form of a cryptic Instagram photo, with the caption “Tu Bishvat … love trees” beneath it.

The oft forgotten holiday of Tu B’Shvat, usually celebrated by Jews and environmentalists alike, includes the traditions of eating dried fruits and planting a tree. The holiday’s message is to give thanks to trees and to nature for providing man with sustenance.

Turns out Madonna, one of the most famous converts to the Jewish tribe, is a devout believer in Kabbalah, and included a shout out to Tu B’Shvat on her personal Instagram account.

Madonna, also known as Esther, posted a photo of herself alongside a cross and a wolf, with the words “She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them” emblazoned on the picture. The caption “Tu Bishvat … love trees” with heart icons followed the photo, although many were left wondering what the Jewish connection was.

Moments after Madonna posted the photo, one fan responded with criticism, saying that he loves her music, but “Madonna, honey, you are not Jewish.” The pop star responded by commenting on the photo, saying “What does Jewish have to do with honoring the trees? Your religiosity is about separating people and my spirituality is about unifying them.”

“Honoring nature and trees and central column energies was around long before monotheistic religions,” she added.

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