NYPD Say Drone Hits Empire State Building

A New Jersey man has been arrested and charged after losing control of a small drone and crashing it into the Empire State Building.

The drone hit the 40th floor of the landmark skyscraper and then fell to a 35th floor landing Thursday night, New York City police said.

Cops say the 29-year-old man, Sean Riddle, went to the Manhattan building’s security to request his drone back, but the guards called police.

Riddle was arrested at the scene on charges of reckless endangerment and navigation in and over the city.

No injuries and no property damage were reported, according to police.

The CBS in New York identified the man as Sean Nivin Riddle.

A man with the same name Tweeted that he was filming with a drone and that it had stuck the Empire State Building.

The incident comes as U.S. government agencies and state and local police forces seek to better identify and regulate unauthorized drone flights due to mounting security concerns arising from the unmanned aircraft.

A similar incident occurred in September when a New York City public school teacher was arrested on reckless endangerment and other charges after a drone he was operating crashed into the stands in a stadium during a U.S. Open tennis match, according to authorities.

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