Mayim Bialik Backs Susan Sarandon By Flashing Her Breasts on TV

Mayim Bialik showed her support for Susan Sarandon by showing off her cleavage.

On Monday night, “The Big Bang Theory” actress appeared on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” along with Piers Morgan to discuss #Cleavagegate — a controversy that sounded Sarandon’s SAG Award’s attire.

During the 2016 event, which took place on Jan. 30, the Oscar-winning actress sported an ensemble that just so happened to show off her chest. Although Morgan stated that the 69-year-old actress looked “amazing” in her getup, he also divulged that he felt Sarandon’s outfit was “tacky” for someone presenting the In Memoriam section of the award show.

“So I tweeted [my thoughts] and all hell breaks loose,” Morgan explained on the talk show. “But then a very strange thing happens to me. The feminists of the world decide to punish me by tweeting me thousands of pictures of their own cleavage.”

That’s when Bialik, who identifies as a feminist, decided to follow their lead. The actress stood her ground in front of Morgan before exposing her cleavage to the British journalist who immediately began to blush.

“I feel duly punished,” he said sarcastically before getting flashed again by “The Big Bang Theory” star.

While Morgan enjoyed Bialik’s stint, others felt as though the actress went too far, claiming the California native “sexually harassed” the Brit.

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