WARNING! Cell Phone Catches Fire Under Pillow While Charging

The NYPD’s 33rd Precinct is warning people not to place their cell phones under their pillows while sleeping or while recharging them, after an incident in Brooklyn Heights in which a cell phone overheated, erupted into flames and ignited a local resident’s pillow while she was sleeping on it.

It is unknown if anyone was injured in the incident.

Samsung’s battery warning states: “Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers.

Some websites and second-hand dealers not associated with reputable manufacturers and carriers might be selling incompatible or even counterfeit batteries and chargers.

Consumers should purchase manufacturer or carrier-recommended products and accessories. If unsure about whether a replacement battery or charger is compatible, contact the manufacturer of the battery or charger.”

A warning can also be found inside the phone’s manual which states covering the device with bedding or other material could restrict airflow and cause a fire: “Covering the device with bedding, your body, thick clothing or any other materials that significantly affect air flow may affect the performance of the phone and poses a possible risk of fire or explosion, which could lead to serious bodily injuries or damage to property.”

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