New Secret Service Scandal Exposed

Further incidents of Secret Service agents soliciting hookers have been revealed four years after the Colombian prostitution scandal including a report of a male agent who had his gun stolen by a male prostitute he solicited using his government computer in Puerto Rico.

Some of the incidents contained in thousands of documents from Homeland Security’s investigation into the agency following the 2012 scandal have now been released after a blogger Malia Litman filed 89 separate Freedom of Information Act requests.

Litman, 58, a former lawyer from Dallas, has spent years documenting her fight to obtain the documents on her blog.

Now, the unveiled documents reveal that a picture of a government agency tasked with protecting the president, his family and other leaders – where sexual misconduct and corruption was rampant and indiscretions were repeatedly ‘swept under the rug,’ RadarOnline reports.

They highlight incidents in which agents had sexual encounters with underage girls, married agents took part in ‘wheels up, rings off’ parties, and a manager who sexually harassed female subordinates dubbed the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) the ‘Nice T*** and A** Club.’

‘A male Secret Service agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online. The theft occurred when the two met up,’ states one document dated May 2014 and obtained by RadarOnline.

An investigation found that the agent had used his government-issued computer to contact the prostitute.

When confronted by inspectors, the agent ‘resigned out of embarrassment’ and to avoid the information coming out.

The report adds that that the theft and the circumstances surrounding it were covered up and never reported And the weapon was not recovered.

Shockingly, another incident from 2014 reveals that numerous agents from the Secret Service’s Country Assault Team (CAT) the team investigated after taking prostitutes to their hotel rooms in Colombia – were spotted ‘engaging with prostitutes’ in Amsterdam’s Red Light district.

‘The CAT Team is known to frequently engage in this behaviour and participated in similar actions while in Cartegena in 2012,’ the report says.

Three agents from the team were sent home after going out in Amsterdam one Saturday night in March – and one was found passed out in a hallway on Sunday morning.

Their actions breached regulations adopted after the Colombia incident, which prohibits agents from drinking alcohol less than 10 hours before they being on duty.

Another report from August 2012 paints a picture of the sexual harassment female subordinates suffered from an NTAC manager.

The report says the manager kept alcohol in his office and forced employees to drink ‘so he could trust them.’

‘He sexually harassed every female subordinate,’ the report says.

The manager would ‘publicly’ male employees: ‘Where are my little whores/b******? Have you slept with them yet?’

One female employee reportedly would be bombarded with voicemail messages by the manager, who would summon her to his office and ask if she wanted to show at his house.

He dubbed the NTAC the ‘Nice T*** and A** Club,’ the report adds.

A report dated June 2012 cites a confidential source, who said one special agent missed his flight and when he did arrive at the airport, he brought along two prostitutes.

The same source told Homeland Security about agents who were ‘involved’ with underage girls.

‘The rumors indicated that alcohol and sex were involved,’ the report added.

The confidential source – a special agent whose name has been redacted in the documents said that indiscretions such as these were ‘swept under the rug’ and that allegations against agents actually helped their careers.

‘“General misconduct is ‘swept under the rug.’ If USSS management likes you and they want to promote you, allegations against you actually help,’ he told investigators.

‘The allegations will be held against you as coercion to do activities at the senior management’s direction.

The phrase in the USSS is, ‘if you don’t want anything, they can’t do anything to you.”’

Another documents revealed further tidbits, such as that one agent ‘exposed his genitals’ and started masturbating in front of a woman said that two senior agents were found to have porn on their computers.

There was an instance of an agent driving drunk in a government vehicle, who also tried to get fake IDs so he and fellow agents could get into bars.

When the woman tried to report the incident, the agent ‘threatened her with deportation,’ the report says. She was an American citizen.

Ahead of a visit by President Barack Obama in April 2012, Secret Service employees concluded a night of partying at strip clubs by taking prostitutes back to their hotel in Cartagena, Colombia.

Dania Suarez was the prostitute at the centre of the 2012 scandal after one agent paid her only $28 instead of her standard $800 leading her to call the police which exposed the affair
Local Colombian authorities became involved when one employee got into a money dispute with one of the prostitutes.

Of the 13 Secret Service employees suspected of soliciting prostitutes, six resigned or retired, three returned to duty and four had their clearances revoked and were removed.

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