‘Drunk’ Woman Attacks Husband After He Refuses Sex

A Florida woman attacked her husband, punching him and kneeing him in the groin after he refused to have sex with her, according to a report.

Kerry Lee Pineiro, 61, was arrested around 7 p.m. Sunday on domestic battery charges after she flew into a rage and “became upset” because her hubby withheld sex, according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

A drunken Pineiro allegedly punched her husband, 60, in the face and then tried taking his car keys to leave their Seminole home, the documents state.

When the victim grabbed the keys from his wife to prevent her from driving drunk, she allegedly kneed him in the groin twice, swung her arms at him and then kneed him a third time in the thigh.

The responding officer said the victim’s face below his right eye was red.

When the cop questioned Pineiro about what happened, she said she had “zero story” and whatever her husband said is what happened, according to the criminal complaint.

Pineiro allegedly said she wanted to go to jail and did not want to talk about happened.

Later, while in the back of the patrol car, Pineiro denied ever assaulting her husband, the documents state.

Pineiro spent the night in jail before a judge released her on her own recognizance, The Smoking Gun reported.

She was ordered to wear a “continuous alcohol monitor” for the duration of the criminal case.

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