Uma Thurman Testifies In Custody Trial

The Pulp Fiction star, 46, has been accused of being “mentally ill” by her former flame, who has also suggested that the actress mixes alcohol and drugs.

Battling it out for custody of their daughter Alltalune “Luna” Florence, four, the court case began last Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Busson’s lawyer Peter Bronstein asked if his client had explained to the court-appointed psychologist that Thurman had “serious mental illness and this was a point of conflict because the mother resented being accused of having a serious mental illness.”

According to the New York Post, Dr Sara. Weiss confirmed that she was told multiple times by Busson that the star was mentally unwell and had noted it in her reports.

However, Thurman’s lawyer objected and managed to shut down Bronstein’s line of questioning when he asked about the three medications the star was taking to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia and how they reacted to the alcohol she drank.

He alleged that the Kill Bill star is currently taking Triazolam, Wellbutrin and Klonopin.

Dr. Weiss later said under cross-examination that Thurman had “some Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” and “mild learning disability,” but no “personality disorder”.

On Friday, Bronstein stated that Busson was unhappy with the choice of school Thurman had enrolled their daughter in and claimed that the other students there were “disheveled and dirty”.

Insinuating that the couple are on bad terms, Dr. Weiss told the courtroom that the Oscar nominee and Busson should not be in the same room together when their daughter is present.

She reportedly added that the pair have a “toxic relationship” that should be hidden from Luna.

According to Busson’s lawyer, the French financier is hoping to change the current agreement according to his lawyer is because it has been difficult for him to travel to New York following a fungal infection which resulted in the removal of part of his lung.

It’s claimed Busson also cannot be in the country for more than 120 days for tax reasons.

However, Dr. Weiss allegedly noted that “Mr. Busson’s visits are focused on his needs rather than his daughter’s.”

Supporting her statement, she recounted the moment Luna was sent to the Bahamas to be with her father, who then left the island to see a Rolling Stones concert in Cuba with his son.

She also brought up the time Luna was flown to London, where Busson is based, to be with him before he left her with his ex Elle MacPherson to go to a football match.

“At this point I don’t think that these people should be in the same room together with Luna until they have a little more ability to kind of comfortable with each other,” the doctor testified.

Despite Busson requesting ten days a month with Luna, plus extended vacations, Dr. Weiss stated that while he was a good father, he should not be allowed to spend more than seven days with his daughter.

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