Attorneys Charged For Senior Citizen Home Scam

A probe into a real estate business in Queens revealed a fraudulent deed scheme and now some of the employees face up to 25 years in prison, authorities said Wednesday.

A Queens grand jury charged two corporations and eleven individuals including three attorneys with swindling vulnerable city homeowners and deceiving them into signing over their properties beginning in August 2012.

The victims of Kings Development Group include a hospitalized military veteran and a single mother of five, Queens DA Richard Brown said.

Four attorneys tricked a series of vulnerable homeowners into signing away their homes while sticking them with the mortgages, authorities said Wednesday.

Michael Herskowitz, Yariv Katz, Yisroel Steinberg and Sandford Solny were indicted alongside seven accomplices for the alleged deception.

The defendants are awaiting to be arraigned on several charges, including criminal possession of stolen property, falsifying business records, grand larceny and unlawful eviction.

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