A Personal Statement By Joe Levin

The life of Private Consulting rarely holds a “typical or glamourous day’, especially when my clients consist of worldwide companies and individuals in search of truth and answers to their upmost private and personal problems.

In my seventeen years of conducting Private Consulting, I have personally paid witness to the amount of evil and corruption that exists within in the world.

This corruption is why people have turned to me.

I have never been afraid to dive head first into unspeakable cases that range from sexual abuse, missing persons, stalking cases, family crisis, corporate fraud, or various criminal cases.

Sure, there are days where this evil is difficult to bear, but there have always been more days when justice and truth has been served.

T.O.T. Private Consulting has built a reputation as the premier provider of successful consulting for the most diverse Jewish and Non-Jewish cliental.

No matter if we work with private individuals, attorneys, insurance companies, schools, international or national companies; I have and will always maintain confidentiality.

My clients can trust that their secrets are locked in my personal vault and will one day go to the grave with me.

For the past few months, I have been working on a complicated case that has caused quite a bit of controversy because it’s linked to a criminal organization called, “The Satmar Mafia”.

This case has involved cyber warfare where we have identified hundreds of fake charity websites and nonprofit organizations all claiming to be helping the people of Israel but your donations are actually being sent to various PO boxes throughout New York City, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey.

Coincidental, at the same time I chose to expose this truth, I recently learned of a new website has been created for sole purpose to slander and intimidate myself and my establishment.
Our Mafia investigation is also linked to the world of gang stalking.

For those of you who are unaware of this term, Gang stalking is described as a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive victims to suicide.

The Gang members of this organization are being linked to hundreds of defamation and fraudulent websites all over the world. Mine being one of them.

I am well aware that I am up against a dangerous and disruptive organization that finds joy in disrupting the lives of their prey.

Instead of remaining silent, I would like to address this matter head on with this personal message.

To my friends, family, colleagues, clients and community members that may come across these slanderous websites, emails, or communications; I Will NOT Back Down!

For the past 17 years I have dedicated my life and my company to helping clients solve problems that can’t be done on their own.

Our organization has and will continue making a positive impact for our children’s future.

Please understand that I serve a role where my involvement in helping others means I sometimes get shot at.

I am not slightest bit intimidated by the lies or slander especially when I’m aware this nothing more than a coward who sits behind a computer using spoofing IT techniques.

A real man would not hide their identity and fight hidden behind falsified and illegal documents.

This fake website can NOT replace the case by case personal client relationships I have built with so many of you.

If you should read or come across anything that contradicts my character and integrity, please come forward and share your concerns individually with me.

I am happy to discuss with anyone what is the truth vs lie because your concerns matter to me.

Due to the many years of undercover work I have performed, I have chosen to keep pictures of me limited until today.

Truth is, there is nothing I’ve want more than to show you the real man behind keeping so many families and corporations safe from harm’s way.

I have and will continue to work in life’s most difficult and challenging environments because that is what God has called me to do.

It is my pleasure to serve and protect in any way I am needed.

May God bless and always keep you safe!

Joe Levin

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