Aaron Kaufman, Former Blue Shield Executive Sues Insurer Over Dismissal, $450,000 Bonus

Tara Reid’s boyfriend was reportedly fired from his high-flying job at a health insurance firm for cheating them out of more than $100,000 by wasting their money on his company credit card.

Aaron Kaufman, the former chief technology officer of Blue Shield, has been accused by his former employer of blowing thousands of dollars on vacations, hotel stays and lavish nights out with Reid.

Blue Shield also mentioned Reid in their complaint, saying that at one event bankrolled by Kaufman’s card she ‘behaved inappropriately’ by posting raunchy images of herself at the event to social media.

According to a legal complaint, seen by the LA Times, Reid caused a ‘great disturbance’ by uploading images of herself at a San Francisco bowling alley in early January.

The pictures appear to correspond with bikini pictures Reid put on her Instagram page dated January 7th this year where she flaunts her body while sitting in front of one of the lanes.

Reid, 39, shot to fame on the back of roles in The Big Lebowski and American Pie, and now features in the overblown Sharknado franchise.

Blue Shield was billed $879.84 for the night, according to the suit. Of the event, it said: ‘At some point during the evening, Mr. Kaufman’s girlfriend acted inappropriately, taking inappropriate photographs of herself and sharing them.

‘Word of the behavior at the bowling alley event spread quickly at Blue Shield and caused a great disturbance within the company. Employees were embarrassed.’

The company also alleges tens of thousands of dollars in other inappropriate spending – including a $17,491 vacation in Florida to see Reid. The two were dating despite Kaufman being married to another woman.

Other listings in the more than $100,000 total include a night with Reid at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which cost $832. He is also accused of running up a tab of $1,382 on drinks at the Warwick nightclub in Hollywood.

He also spent $832 for one night at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with Reid on Jan. 21, according to the company.

Three weeks later, he ran up a corporate tab of $1,382 on drinks at the Warwick, a Hollywood nightclub, they claim.

In total the company says that three quarters of his spending on the corporate card had no obvious business purpose, and that even legitimately spending was excessively lavish.

The company is seeking the money back as well as unspecified damages.

It is not clear what Kaufman’s regular salary at Blue Shield was – but an earlier lawsuit he filed against Blue Shield claimed he was due an annual bonus of $450,000, implying his regular pay was larger still.

According to Blue Shield, when confronted about the spending, Kaufman defended himself by saying his cash was ‘locked up’ his bank account and credit cards because the two were going through a divorce.

Kaufman originally picked the legal fight with Blue Shield. A previous LA Times report from the start of April said that Kaufman sued them first, claiming he had been wrongly fired one day before his bonus was due.

According to that suit, the dispute was punishment after Kaufman stood up to his bosses for wasting money. Blue Shield denies the allegations.

Reid had not spoken publicly about her relationship with Kaufman, but has referenced an unnamed boyfriend in social media posts.

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