American Veteran Michelle Manhart Picks Up US Flag from Desecration at Georgia University – Gets Arrested

Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart was arrested Friday after confronting protestors at Valdosta State University.

Manhart told FOX 31 News a student at VSU sent her a picture Wednesday of the protestors walking on top of an American flag and asked for Manhart’s help because she didn’t know what to do about it.

Manhart then contacted school officials who said they would take care of it, but three days later the protest continued.

On Friday Manhart said she went to campus to “get the flag off the ground” and properly dispose of it.

After grabbing the flag off the ground, campus police arrested her for trespassing and stealing.

She said all charges were dropped because the owner of the flag refused to give any personal information including the cause of the protest.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, Manhart was given a criminal trespass warning that bans her from all university activities.

Manhart said she is hoping to organize a “silent flag vigil” to give honor back to the flag.

“I didn’t know how important that flag was to me until recently—until yesterday,” she said.

FOX 31 reached out to university officials but did not get a response. Stay connected as this story develops.

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Original Story: 6:36 p.m.

Military veteran Michelle Manhart was detained Friday after approaching protestors at Valdosta State University for walking on a flag and taking it from them, according to the Valdosta Daily Times.

They say Manhart is an Air Force veteran and wanted to get the flag off the ground and dispose it properly, but she was taken into custody by VSU police who then gave the flag back to the protestors.

Manhart told the Times she began resisting arrest after the flag was given back to the protestors.

They report Manhart was given a criminal trespass warning which bans her from any university activity.

FOX 31 reached out to Valdosta State University and Michelle Manhart and received no reply.

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