Amy Poehler Visits Tel Aviv

If you think you caught sight of Amy Poehler sightseeing in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, or sipping an iced latte with her good friend and “Orange is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne, you wouldn’t be wrong.

The comic actresses are reportedly here for a couple of days of meetings about their newest project, the adaptation of Talya Lavie’s award-winning “Zero Motivation” for the small screen.

According to website Walla!, the two have met with “Zero Motivation” actress Nelly Tagar, as well as with filmmaker Talya Lavie and the film’s producer, Elon Ratzkovsky, all of whom are purported to be involved in the project.

The two would be producing it with “Zero Motivation” filmmaker Talya Lavie and the film’s producer, Elon Ratzkovsky. The American comediennes purchased the rights for the Israeli film with BBC America.

The filmmakers wouldn’t confirm Poehler’s presence in Israel, although Joz ve Loz chef Talia Meron Cnaany posted on her Facebook page a coy reference to Poehler’s visit at the restaurant on Monday.

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