Anchor Geraldo Rivera Breaks Down As He Reveals His Daughter Was Among Fans In Paris Stadium During Attacks

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera broke down in tears on live TV as he revealed how his daughter was in the Paris stadium during the horrific attacks on Friday night.

Simone Rivera, 21, spoke to her famous father on live TV as she revealed how she had been in the Stade de France sports stadium – alongside fans and French President Francoise Hollande – when bombs went off.

Simone and her friend Isabel were close by the horrific attack, in which at least three people are thought to have died – with more than 120 people losing their lives across the city throughout the night.

“Before halftime we all hear an explosive sound but no one seemed to be worried about it,” she revealed.

Simone and her friend had gone to get food when they noticed ambulances and people trying to leave.

“We heard two more explosive sounds,” she told Fox News.

Unaware what was happening, the pair only realised when Isabel’s worried mother called to tell them there had been attacks across the city.

She added: “No one would tell us what to do they were just herding us like sheep.”

The youngster described a swarm of people running towards her, as panic broke out inside.

The stadium full of people were trapped inside for four hours with little information on what was happening outside.


Simone eventually found out more when she spoke to her father on TV, and said: “I’m shaking still. Yeah, that was probably the scariest thing I ever had to deal with. We don’t speak French so all the police officers couldn’t help us we didn’t know what to do.”

An emotional exchange between father and daughter followed, as Geraldo struggled to contain his emotions.

“Do you want to come home honey?”, he asked his daughter.

“I do. I wanna come home,” she replied

Geraldo promised to get her the next day, as Simone pointed out it might be useless as the “borders are shut”.

Geraldo added: “You know what it was like for us here. So many people knew that you were there and so many people were so concerned about you.”

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