Angelina Jolie Granted Temporary Full Custody of Children

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have agreed to a temporary custody deal that will last three weeks.

The terms were reached on Friday with the help of the Los Angeles County Department Of Children And Family Services.

The deal involves Angelina, 41, getting physical custody of all six kids, a source close to the situation told TOT.

The Fury actor, 52, will get an initial monitored visit followed by other visits that may or may not be monitored.

He has also volunteered to get random drug testing, and the entire family will undergo counseling.

The source added: ‘This temporary agreement will last until October 20. This is a completely voluntary agreement that has a structured decision-making plan.

Neither Brad nor Angelina were forced to get counseling, they both volunteered to do so for the sake of the family.’

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