Anti-Semitic Graffiti Reading ‘Yid S**t’ Scrawled on London Jewish School

Anti-Semitic graffiti featuring a swastika and the words “yid s**t” was found scrawled on the fence of a girls primary Jewish school in London Monday, marking the latest in a series of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain’s capital.

The use of the word “Yid” – Jew in Yiddish – as a racial slur has become popularized in recent years.

A month prior, the words “Yids out” were drawn on the same fence where Monday’s incident took place.

“Targeting a Jewish School with anti-Semitic graffiti is very low. Nobody should have to face hate crime of any kind, especially young children,” said Michael Scher from Stamford Hill Shomrim, a voluntary neighborhood patrol group.

Local authorities are searching for the culprits of the anti-Semitic incident, and are urging the public to contact them with any leads.

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