Baltimore Fire Wreaks Havoc On Shomrim Headquarters

Baltimore, MD – A 2-alarm fire that swept through a Baltimore garden apartment complex has caused significant losses to Baltimore Shomrim, whose headquarters were located in the development.

The fire broke out early this morning on the 3600 block of Falstaff Road, just off Park Heights Avenue.

Shomrim’s headquarters sustained heavy water damage as firefighters battled the blaze two floors above.

While no one was in the apartment at the time of the fire, valuable equipment was destroyed.

“We had batteries, radios and jackets,” Nathan Willner, general counsel to Baltimore Shomrim, told TOT News.

“It won’t hamper our ability to function but it all needs to replaced.”

Far more significant to Shomrim was the loss of high end full color, collating copier-printer, valued at approximately $9,000. Willner estimated total losses to Shomrim at $20,000.

“We use the copier for missing persons reports,” explained Willner. “We are the front line on missing persons and we need to replace the copier immediately.”

Shomrim had no renter’s insurance in place at their headquarters.

According to reports in The Baltimore Sun, fire crews arrived on scene at the 24 unit development at 6:38 AM, finding both heavy fire and smoke.

No injuries were reported in the blaze which may have been caused by an unattended stove burner and was exacerbated by the complex’s “common loft” design which allowed the fire to spread rapidly.

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