Bear Mountain, NY – Missing Brooklyn Teens May Have Been Located In Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain, NY – Police have gotten a fix on a possible location of at least one of two missing Brooklyn boys who got lost while hiking yesterday in Bear Mountain State Park.

The 16 year old boys were part of a group from Camp Karlin Stolin in Highland, but the pair were separated from the others and the New York State Parks Police spent the night searching for the two missing teens who tentatively been identified as Moshe Tzvi Lederich and Yosef Yitzchak Rothman.

An official told VIN News that one of the boys managed to make a call from a cell phone this morning and pinging the phone has provided authorities with the location of the phone.

It is unknown at this point in time if one or both of the boys are in the same location as the phone and police are making their way to the location where the phone is believed to be, possibly near the Perkins Tower area of the park.

There have been no actual sightings of the boys at this time.

Hundreds of volunteers from the Jewish community arrived at Bear Mountain State Park this morning to aid in the search.

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