Ben Stein: Iran Deal So Bad, It Can’t Be An Accident

Writer, lawyer, actor, comedian and commentator Ben Stein wrote Monday that the deal the Obama administration has reached with Iran is “so bad that it could not be an accident, even for a President as inexperienced and foolish as Mr. Obama or a Secretary of State so filled with anger as Mr. Kerry.”

“There is no meaningful verification,” Stein elaborated, in an opinion piece in The American Spectator. “The sanctions are already basically gone. The President is paying Iran over $100 billion to go forward with making a nuclear bomb and having the rockets to deliver it.

“We have basically been swindled into allowing the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism to have nuclear weapons without any penalty – indeed, with cash and prizes. Iran has sworn to use these weapons to obliterate not only Israel but every Jew on earth.

“Again, this could not have been an accident. It has to have been the working out of some deep unconscious rage at Israel, Jews, and at America by the top players in this administration… many of them Jewish or, like Kerry, partly Jewish. Mr. Obama has – as I have said before – now signed Israel’s death warrant. Only Israel can figure out some way out of it. Perhaps a miraculous anti-missile defense. Perhaps a genuine Doomsday Device which will end all life on earth if Israel is nuked.

“We shall see,” Stein wound up. “In the meantime, Mr. Obama is in tears that he has been criticized so harshly for an agreement that basically cries out for ‘a Holocaust in an afternoon,’ as Iranians smilingly call it.”

Stein has had close connections to Republican administrations over the years. He began his political career as a speechwriter and lawyer for President Richard Nixon, and later for President Gerald Ford.

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