Beny Steinmetz To Deposit Surety of NIS 55M

Israel Police and billionaire Beny Steinmetz, suspected of giving former Guinea President Alpha Conde and his wife a $30 million bribe to promote his business interests in their country, have agreed that Steinmetz will deposit NIS 55 million in cash in the state’s forfeiture fund: NIS 30 million by February 12 and NIS 25 million more by February 14.

It was also agreed at a seizure order against Steinmetz’s home in Arsuf would be retained, and would constitute an additional NIS 50 million forfeiture guarantee. An asset freeze order will be issued for another property in Arsuf owned by Steinmetz.

The state’s legal representative, Police Lahav 433 economic enforcement section Superintendent Anat Glutman, Adv. Alon Gildin from the State Prosecutor’s taxation and economics section, and Steinmetz’s lawyer, Adv. Yuval Sasson from the Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal law firm, today notified the Court of their agreement.

The agreements were reached following a request by the police that Steinmetz be required to deposit NIS 120 million in cash to guarantee his appearance in legal proceedings, and that he be summoned to give testimony concerning the ownership of assets he had offered as a guarantee of his appearance in the trial against him.

As part of these proceedings, the police alleged that grounds for the suspicions against Steinmetz had been established, and that Steinmetz had received $5 billion as a result of the bribe he had paid.

Steinmetz alleged that the investigation against him was the result of an international conspiracy against him, and that he could not deposit NIS 120 million in cash.

He offered to deposit NIS 30 million in cash and properties he owned as a guarantee.

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