Billionaire Safra Family Puts Manhattan Townhouses For Sale

The Safras, a notoriously secretive Brazilian billionaire banking family, have listed three townhouses on the market for $120 million on East 62nd Street.

Several sources who have walked through the properties have told The Post that the Safras have quietly been marketing the townhouses as off-market “pocket” listings for more than a year.

The townhouses, at 12, 14 and 16 E. 62nd Street were built as separate townhouses with windows and doors lining up, and they would make an impressive single family mansion if combined — with more than 70 feet of frontage on E. 62nd Street.

The Safras also own a fourth townhouse that is adjacent to these three as well, which is on the market for an additional $35 million.

At one time, the townhouses were rumored to have been purchased by the Safras to become part of the synagogue that they founded at 11 E. 63rd St.

That synagogue, Congregation Edmond J. Safra, was inaugurated in December 2002, Rabbi Ellie Abadie told The Post.

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be the founding rabbi of this synagogue,” Rabbi Abadie said, adding that the synagogue boasts 700 family members.

Lily Safra, Edmond’s widow, worships at the synagogue when she is in New York, Rabbi Abadie said.

Edmond Safra infamously died by fire in Monaco in 1999 — it was a gripping society murder at the time.

Police established that the fire was deliberately set — allegedly by Safra’s bodyguard and nurse, a former Green Beret named Ted Mahler, who claimed innocence.


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