Bobcat Attacks Two Men and A Dog In Arizona

Firefighters in Anthem, Arizona, say a man attempting to intervene on a bobcat attack was bit, and the bobcat is now being tested for rabies.

According to KSAZ and a video posted by a bystander, the bobcat apparently started following a man and his German shepherd while on a walk early Sunday morning.

The video below shows the bobcat latched onto the dog as two men attempt to get it off. (Listen to the vicious growling of the feline as the men try to rip it away from the dog.)

As you’ll see in the video below, one of the men who saw the attack going down actually jumped out of his car and completely forgot to put his vehicle in park.

The guy filming the whole thing explains how he ran after the car as it rolled down the street and “never ran so fast in his life.”

The driver who jumped out of the car turns out to be the one who rips the bobcat off the dog, but he also gets bit in the process. He instinctively whips the bobcat around as it’s latched onto his hand . . . not a smart move, as a violent reaction like that could cause permanent damage to his hand.

Fortunately, both the man and the dog are expected to be okay.

As for the bobcat, it had to be killed after Arizona Game and Fish officials arrived at the scene because it continued to display aggressive behavior.

The bobcat is now being tested for rabies.

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