Bodycam Captures Arrest Of Suspected Drunk Driving Lieutenant

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Video captured two Montmorency County sheriff’s deputies dealing with a Washtenaw County lieutenant who is accused of drunken driving.

Washtenaw County Lt. Brian Filipak is on an administrative leave as the investigation continues.

Video shows Filipak repeatedly asking to just be let go, but the Montmorency deputies weren’t having it, and at one point, told him they would use a stun gun on him if he didn’t knock it off.

“Brian, I’m going to have you step out of the car and do some field sobriety tests,” an officer said.

Filipak was pulled over after deputies said they saw his car weave all over the road.

“Just let me stay here,” Filipak said.

He pleaded with the deputies to let him sleep it off on the side of the road, repeatedly refusing to budge from his truck.

The deputy told him he had to get out of the truck now, but Filipak continued to refuse the orders and forced the deputies to pull him from his pickup truck.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    A “super drunk” police lieutenant repeatedly pleaded with arresting officers to let him go or “sleep it off” before being pulled out of his truck in Michigan last month, recently released body camera footage shows.
    Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Filipiak finally complied with a deputy’s demand to get out of his truck about 15 minutes after being pulled over on Nov. 13 in northern Michigan’s Rust Township. Deputy Zachery Morrison of the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Office had asked the off-duty lieutenant to cooperate several times after receiving multiple reports of reckless driving in the area.

    “What would you like me to do?” Morrison asked Filipiak, according to the video.

    “Uh, just let me go, I’ll be fine,” Filipiak responded.

    “I can’t, I have multiple phone calls,” Morrison said. “You’d be in the same situation if I was in the vehicle in your county, correct?”

    Morrison told Filipiak, 47, that he saw the lieutenant’s truck swerving on the shoulder of the road just minutes earlier.

    “All right, just let me stay here then,” said Filipiak, with his hands up, pleading with the officer.

    “You can’t,” he replied. “I’m going to ask you nicely to step out of the vehicle. Brian, my hands are tied. If I let you go, I’m going to lose my career over you. You think I wouldn’t? This is northern Michigan, we’re a small department.”

    Filipiak again asked Morrison to “just let me go,” leading the arresting officer to say that that opportunity had already passed.

    “You’re a lieutenant, you know how this works,” he told Filipiak.

    Filipiak makes a final plea, asking Morrison to “be a good guy” before an exasperated Morrison finally opens the passenger door and demands along with a Department of Natural Resources officer that Filipiak get out of the truck while pointing a Taser at him.

    “Why do you think I want to arrest a cop?” Morrison said. “We’re not above the law.”

    Filipiak is now on unpaid administrative leave pending an internal investigation of the arrest. He registered blood-alcohol levels of 0.28 and 0.27 on breath tests after being arrested, reports.

    Filipiak also faces a charge of misdemeanor operating while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol level of 0.17 or higher. In Michigan, the legal limit for blood-alcohol content while driving is 0.08, but drivers convicted with a BAC of 0.17 or higher under the state’s “super drunk” law can face up to 180 days in jail, fines up to $700 and up to 360 hours of community service.

    Filipiak, a 21-year veteran of the department, is scheduled for a pretrial conference on Jan. 6. He was released from jail one day after his arrest last month, posting 10 percent of $3,000 bond. His attorney could not be reached for comment, reports.

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