British Muslim Killed For Using Amulets

According to an article published by the BBC , one Mohammed Syeedy was convicted of murdering an Imam for his use of “black magic.”

Apparently, the Imam in question, Jalal Uddin, was in the habit of giving spiritual amulets to the sick. The murder was carried out with a hammer, and took place in a public park.

According to testimony, the convict drove the getaway car. The actual murderer has fled to Turkey, and is believed to currently be in Syria.

This is actually the second such case this year in Britain.

The previous case involved the murder of Asad Shah for “disrespecting Islam.” Last year, a Bangladeshi-American blogger, Roy Atlanta was murdered with a machete while walking home from a book fair with his wife. His wife now assists writers in fleeing Bangladesh.

Probably more famous than these recent incidents were a series of actual gunfights, which erupted after cartoons of Mohammad were published. Likewise, “Charlie Hebdo,” a satirical magazine, has attained considerable notoriety from death threats it has received.

The lasted threat was issued this past August.

Threats against journalists have also been posited as a reason for the pro-terror tenor of international Israeli-Arab coverage.

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