Brooklyn Bais Yaakov Sued After Expelling Girl Acused Sending Inappropriate Selfies

The parents of a 17-year-old Brooklyn teen are suing a Yeshiva high school in Brooklyn for expelling their daughter over a false allegation that she had texted a nude selfie to a boy.

The defamation suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, accuses the principal and executive director of Lev Bais Yaakov High School, of failing to properly investigate the allegation, and ruining the girl’s reputation in the tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community, said lawyer Robert Tolchin.

She “never sent a naked picture of herself to any such boy, or anyone else,” Tolchin said. “The entire story was false.”

Rabbi Shmiel Deutsch, the school’s executive director declined to comment on the suit.

After she was expelled, the mothers of students in her class were sent an email from the school alerting them to the teen having a “very serious” problem with her “reputation,” according to the suit.

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