Brooklyn, NY – Muslim Man Who Torched Mezuzahs Gets 11 Years In Prison

Brooklyn, NY – The Muslim man who burned mezuzahs in a Brooklyn building last year was given 11 years in prison for burglary.

Ruben Ubiles was found not guilty in Dec. 2012 of 12 counts of arson and a drug possession charge, but was charged in Brooklyn Supreme Court Wednesday with jail time for burglary based on his statement to the police that he entered the apartment building to “smoke and get high,” reports NY Daily News.

In order to be found guilty of burglary one has to enter the grounds with intent to commit a crime – Ubiles’ crime was breaking into a building to get high.

Ubiles was first charged with arson as a hate crime for burning the Jewish artifacts, but was indicted for just arson without a charge of a hate crime.

The conviction will be appealed according to defense lawyer Morris Shamuil.

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