NYPD: Motorcyclist Litters Williamsburg Street With Anti-Semitic Fliers

WILLIAMSBURG — A man driving a motorcycle through the heart of Williamsburg’s Orthodox Jewish community tossed multiple fliers filled with swastikas and anti-Semitic drawings on the street, the NYPD said. Read more

Rabbi Beaten In Ukraine On Rosh Hashanah Passes Away

Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, who was found badly beaten in the Zhitomir, Ukraine, central train station on Rosh Hashanah earlier this year and was then airlifted to Israel by emergency medical transport, has passed away. Read more

30 Jewish graves vandalized in Pennsylvania

Springfield, Pennsylvania authorities are investigating an attack on a Jewish cemetery in which 30 headstones were vandalized. Read more

Singapore Deporting Imam Who Spoke Against Jews, Christians

An Indian imam in Singapore who was ordered deported after speaking against Jews and Christians during a sermon visited a synagogue to apologize for his remarks. Read more

NYPD: Sharp Rise In Anti-Semitic Incidents In 2017

There has been a sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents and other hate crimes in New York City this year, police said Wednesday. Read more

HATE IN STAMFORD HILL: ‘Beware Of Jews’ Sign Hung On Lamp-Post Near Synagogue

A Jewish neighbourhood watch group has reported a road sign which appears to warn “beware of Jews” to the police. Read more

Anti-Semitic Flyers In Texas Campus Highlight Condemnation Dilemma

The distribution of anti-Semitic flyers on the campus of Texas State University highlights the dilemma over whether university administrators should speak out against every such incident on campus, or whether it only serves the interests of those distributing the flyers by giving them more publicity. Read more

Man Yells Anti-Semitic Slurs At Judge Noach Dear

A Brooklyn Supreme Court justice was harassed in Borough Park on Sunday by a man who shouted “you f–king Jew” – and now police are probing the incident as a hate crime, law enforcement sources said. Read more