Popular Neo-Nazi Blogger Resigns Over Revelation His Wife Is Jewish

The founder of the popular right-wing blog The Right Stuff resigned over the revelation that his wife is Jewish. Read more

Amazon Employee Fired For ‘Uncle Adolf’ Note

An Amazon employee was fired after allegedly leaving a note in a package for a Jewish customer that read: “Greetings from Uncle Adolf.” Read more

Vandals Targeting Philadelphia Jewish Community Being Sought By Police

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– Philadelphia police are investigating an act of vandalism at a Jewish religious building in Somerton over the weekend. Read more

Neo-Nazis In Chile Attack Jewish Youth

A group of neo-Nazis in Chile attacked a Jewish youth wearing a shirt with an Israeli flag. Read more

Tareck El Aissami New Venezuelan VP Accused of Antisemitism, Ties To Iran, Hezbollah and Drug Trafficker

A former government minister in Venezuela who has been accused of anti-Semitism and ties to Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah was tapped as the South American country’s vice president. Read more

WJC: Nazi March Puts All America At Risk

Ronald Lauder demands that Montana state authorities immediately outlaw the armed march being planned by neo-Nazis in the town of Whitefish on January 16. Read more

French Candidate Under Fire For Holocaust Comparison

French Jews accused a left-wing presidential candidate of encouraging Holocaust denial following his comparison of the Nazi persecution of Jews to the situation of French Muslims today. Read more

Jewish Arizona Family Finds Menorah Twisted Into Swastika

On Friday morning, a Jewish family in Chandler, Arizona woke up to find their 7-foot-tall Hanukkah menorah twisted into a swastika, reported local news station ABC15. Read more

Taiwanese High School Holds Nazi-Themed Parade

Taiwan’s Presidential Office demanded that a local high school apologize to Israel and Germany after photos emerged showing dozens of students dressed in Nazi-themed uniforms, waving swastikas and giving a Nazi salute during a school event Saturday. Read more