NY Times Blames Victim In Hawara Lynch Attempt

After a Samaria resident was nearly lynched by an angry Arab mob last week and was forced to open fire to defend himself – killing one of his attackers and wounding another- the New York Times chose to portray the Israeli victim as a murderer. Read more

Philadelphia Police Investigate 2nd Incident of Vandalism of Jewish Graves This Year

Five Jewish headstones were knocked over in a Philadelphia cemetery this week, the second time Jewish graves have been vandalized in the city this year, police said. Read more

Mayor Of Virginia City Targeted By Anti-Semitic Tweets After Criticizing Marchers

Charlottesville, VA – The mayor of the Virginia college town of Charlottesville was the target of anti-Semitic tweets on Sunday after speaking out against white nationalists who converged on a local park carrying blazing torches the night before. Read more

Where’s The ADL, Hikind Asks As Racist Propagandist Preps For CUNY Commencement Speech

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) expressed concern this morning regarding the absence of the Anti-Defamation League on the matter of racist, propagandist Linda Sarsour’s planned commencement speech at CUNY. Read more

US College Campuses Are ‘Hotbed’ of Anti-Semitism

Harassment of Jews is thriving on US college campuses, which continue to be a “hotbed for anti-Semitism,” despite an overall drop in anti-Semitic violence worldwide, a new report shows. Read more

NYPD: Motorcyclist Litters Williamsburg Street With Anti-Semitic Fliers

WILLIAMSBURG — A man driving a motorcycle through the heart of Williamsburg’s Orthodox Jewish community tossed multiple fliers filled with swastikas and anti-Semitic drawings on the street, the NYPD said. Read more

Rabbi Beaten In Ukraine On Rosh Hashanah Passes Away

Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, who was found badly beaten in the Zhitomir, Ukraine, central train station on Rosh Hashanah earlier this year and was then airlifted to Israel by emergency medical transport, has passed away. Read more

30 Jewish graves vandalized in Pennsylvania

Springfield, Pennsylvania authorities are investigating an attack on a Jewish cemetery in which 30 headstones were vandalized. Read more