Greece Arrests Russian Suspected Of Running $4 Billion Bitcoin Laundering Ring

A Russian man suspected of laundering at least $4 billion of criminal funds by switching them into the digital currency bitcoin has been arrested in Greece, police said on Wednesday. Read more

Feds Arrest IT Staffer For Wasserman Schultz Trying To Leave Country

A tech worker for Debbie Wasserman Schultz was arrested on Tuesday while attempting to flee the country after the FBI seized a smashed hard drive from his house in an ongoing federal probe, a report said. Read more

Dashcam Video Shows A Barrage Of Gunfire During 2014 Police-Involved Shooting

NEW JERSEY – Graphic video released today of a man driving dangerously through Pleasantville and into Atlantic City back in 2014. Read more

UN Ambassador Admits Taking Millions In Bribes From Chinese Billionaire

A suspended UN diplomat has testified in a US court that a Chinese billionaire paid him up to US$ 50,000 monthly in return for help securing a contract to build a UN conference center, media reported Friday. Read more

Warning: Tainted Alcohol Served By 5-Star Resorts In Mexico Is Causing American Deaths

The scene at the swim-up bar at the Mexican resort where Abbey Conner was pulled listless from the pool in January was full of young tourists last month when an attorney hired by Conner’s family showed up. Read more

Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Confrontation Led To Man’s Death

HOUSTON – A Texas sheriff’s deputy who was indicted along with her husband on murder charges in the death of a man they confronted outside a restaurant has been fired, authorities announced Friday. Read more

Saudi Prince Arrested After ‘Torture’ Video Sparks Outrage

A Saudi prince was arrested on Thursday on King Salman’s orders, according to a state broadcaster, as outrage grew on social media over videos appearing to show him abusing members of the public. Read more

Mafia Money Pollutes The EU, UK, Economy

Major profits from large-scale illegal activities have to be laundered to enter the so-called clean economy. Read more

Three Arrested As Police Bust Alleged Conspiracy To Fly Ice From California To Australia

An elderly pilot is among three men charged after allegedly plotting to make an island-hopping drug run from California to Australia carrying ice worth about $255 million. Read more