Florida Attorney Richard Colbert Gets Prison Time

A former Gulf Breeze attorney has been sentenced to more than three years in prison and ordered to pay $3.7 million in restitution for fraud and embezzlement. Read more

14-Year-Old Killed With A Hammer After Trying To Buy Weed

The Texas girl who vanished walking her dog was viciously beaten to death with a hammer over a drug deal, police said. Read more

‘Cocaine King of Milan’ Arrested In Uruguay After 23 Years on The Run

ROME – Italian authorities say a top ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate boss, on the run since 1994, has been arrested in Uruguay where he had been living under a false name and with a forged Brazilian passport. Read more

Kazakh Prosecutors Seek ‘Freedom Limitation’ For Independent Journalist Accused Of Money Laundering

Kazakhstan – Prosecutors in the high-profile trial of a Kazakh journalist known for his criticism of the government is seeking four years of “freedom limitation” a suspended sentence with parole-like restrictions for the defendant. Read more

Girl Charged in Murder of Jewish MMA Fighter

Police say they have arrested three people including a teenage girl in the shooting death of a MMA fighter inside his Boca Raton neighborhood. Read more

Man Jumps Into Ocean To Escape Police, Gets Chased By Shark Instead

A North Carolina man allegedly attempted to elude police on Wednesday by diving into the ocean and swimming away — but unknowingly he was just feet away from a shark while trying the brazen escape. Read more

No Bail For Albert Veliu, Accused of Trafficking Rifles, Rocket Launcher

A onetime driver for the Kosovar consulate will stay parked in jail as he fights charges that he was hooked up in arms trafficking, extortion and money laundering. Read more

3 Busted In $100 Million Money Laundering Scheme

NEW JERSEY – Authorities say a massive money laundering scheme was busted. The investigation out of South Jersey was nine months in the making. Read more

Police Search For Man Who Threatened Miami Synagogue

MIAMI – Police are asking for the public’s help in their search for a man who, police said, threatened to shoot up a Northeast Miami-Dade synagogue. Read more

Lewis Bennett, Husband of Delray Beach Woman Missing At Sea, Arrested By The FBI

He reported his wife lost on the seas, but Lewis Bennett had a stash of collectible silver and gold coins with him as their boat sank and he floated on a raft, according to federal authorities. Read more