Borough Park – Paintball Attacks In Jewish Community Deemed Possible Hate Crimes

NEW YORK — A series of paintball attacks has a Brooklyn neighborhood on edge, and police on Thursday were investigating whether they were hate crimes against the Jewish community. Read more

Half of Indiana Police Don’t Report Hate Crimes Data To FBI

More than half of Indiana’s police agencies failed to file hate crime reports with the FBI between 2009 and 2014, a trend advocates say is troubling and one reason why state lawmakers need to change the state’s standing as one of five states without a hate crime law. Read more

Hate Crimes Against Jews Up Sharply In Britain

A report on anti-Semitism in Britain published Sunday found that hate crimes against Jews rose sharply in the past two years, with a 50 percent increase in violent crimes, while police have been charging fewer perpetrators. Read more

Shouts Of “Heil Hitler” In Anti-Semitic Attack On Chasidic Man In Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY – Police in the 90th Precinct are searching for an unidentified Hispanic man who threw something at a Chasidic man before shouting anti-Semitic remarks as he ran away from the scene. Read more

Caught On Camera: Chasidic Man Assaulted In Crown Heights While Driving A Forklift

CROWN HEIGHTS – The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating after a Hasidic man was assaulted in a Brooklyn incident that was caught on camera. Read more

Kiryas Joel – Employee At Store Arrested After Spraying “Death To Jews”

Monroe, NY – An Orange County resident who sprayed hate messages inside a residential building in Kiryas Joel was arrested yesterday by the New York State Police and charged with a bias crime in the act of vandalism. Read more

Prospect Park Slashing Suspect Charged In Crown Heights Hate Crime Stabbing

NEW YORK — A Manhattan man was charged Thursday in connection with three recent stabbings and slashings including one that has been deemed a hate crime. Read more

NYPD: Man Shouts At 2 Jewish College Students For Wearing Yarmulkes, Says Their ‘Religion Is A Lie’

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS — A Jewish customer in Dunkin’ Donuts was threatened and told to take off his yarmulke in what police are investigating as a hate crime, according to the NYPD. Read more

Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Jewish Man Stabbed In Crown Heights

A Lubavitcher man in his 30s was stabbed in the back by an African-American man on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights. Read more

Chasidic Jew Viciously Assaulted In Manhattan; Bystanders Ignore Attack, Don’t Bother Calling Police

A Chasidic Jew was assaulted in Manhattan, and according to a published report, bystanders did nothing to stop the vicious attack. Read more