Mayor De Blasio Reportedly Questioned By Feds on Satmar Ties

New York City’s mayor met for several hours Friday with federal authorities looking into allegations that donors to his mayoral campaign were promised favors. Read more

De Blasio Allegedly Personally Lifted Dangerous Building Vacate Order For Satmar Fundraiser

Mayor Bill de Blasio personally intervened on behalf of one of his leading fundraisers to have a partial vacate order lifted on a building the City deemed as unlicensed, illegal and improperly worked on, knowledgable. Read more

Nationalist MEPs: Police Chief Disrupting Panama Investigation Into Money Laundering

Nationalist MEPs David Casa, Robert Metsola and Therese Comodini Cachia have said that members of the PANA committee investigating the application of money laundering rules in Malta, had confirmed the suspicion on minister Konrad Mizzi’s offshore set-up was “one of money laundering”. Read more

Wells Fargo Fires 4 Executives As part of Investigation Into Sales Scandal

Wells Fargo’s board of directors fired four senior managers as part of its investigation into the bank’s sales practices scandal. Read more

Franz Beckenbauer Under Investigations Over Consultancy Role In SA’s 2010 Bid

According to the report published in the mass-circulation newspaper “Bild” on Monday, Swiss prosecutors have uncovered a payment to Franz Beckenbauer that was transferred to a bank account in Gibraltar. Read more

Uber CEO Calls For Investigation of Sexual Harassment Claims

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on Sunday said the company will open an “urgent investigation” after a former engineer wrote a lengthy blog post describing systemic sexual harassment at the San Francisco ride-hailing service, which she called “an organization in complete, unrelenting chaos.” Read more

Virginia Mansion Destroyed By Massive Fire Owned By Embassy of The United Arab Emirates

A fire overtook a mansion owned by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Northern Virginia on Saturday morning. Read more

Two Female Secret Agents Behind Murder of Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-nam wrote to Kim Jong-un in 2012 asking his half-brother and the recently anointed dictator of North Korea to spare his life and that of his family, the head of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service revealed on Wednesday. Read more

FBI Search Friars Club In NYC

Federal authorities recently searched the tony Friars Club. Read more

Monsey – Anthony Mallia ‘Helped’ Jewish Developers Who Donated To Christoper St. Lawrence

Three of the developers allegedly given breaks on permit fees by Anthony Mallia, Ramapo’s building inspector, were major donors to the campaign committees of Mallia’s boss, town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. Read more