Kenneth Nakdimen of Monsey Pleads Guilty In Voter Fraud Scheme

Kenneth Nakdimen of Monsey pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to committing voter fraud in the 2014 Bloomingburg village election. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Asi Abutbul Arrested on Suspicion of Having Hand In Lawyer’s Murder

A prominent crime-syndicate figure was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of being involved in the 2008 assassination of attorney Yoram Hacham, who was killed by a car bomb in Tel Aviv. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Suspect In Murder of Attorney Yoram Hakham Arrested

The police renewed the investigation into the murder of lawyer Yoram Hakam and this morning (Wednesday) it was released for publication that a senior criminal was arrested in the affair. Read more

JPMorgan Israeli Hacking Case To Pay $403 Million To US Authorities

A 33-year-old Israeli named Gary Shalon who allegedly took part in a scam operation involving securities will pay $403 million in a settlement with United States authorities. Read more

Chabad Synagogue Vandalized In Meah Shearim

Congregants of the old Chabad shul in Meah Shearim were amazed to discover on Shabbat (Sabbath, Saturday) that vandals had broken into their synagogue. Read more

Classified Documents Found In Olmert’s Cell

One of the lawyers representing former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was caught with classified documents in his possession as he left the prison in which Olmert is serving time, Channel 2 News reported Friday. Read more

Ira Bernstein and Kelly Gribeluk Sentenced To Prison In Murder For Hire Plot

The notorious Rockland podiatrist and his girlfriend were sentenced to state prison in connection with the complex plot to murder his wife. Read more

Former Chief Rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron Convicted of Fraud

Jerusalem District Court convicted former chief Rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron of fraudulent receipt of goods or services under aggravated circumstances, awarding fictitious diplomas and breach of trust. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Extremists Burn Effigies of Haredi IDF Soldiers

Ultra-Orthodox extremists in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood burnt effigies of Haredi IDF soldiers during Lag B’Omer celebratory bonfires on Saturday night as part of their protest against the Conscription Law. Read more

NYC Landlord Sentenced To Prison For Bribing City Employee

A Brooklyn landlord and “serial briber,” who once threatened to blackmail a tenant with a phony incest claim if she didn’t move out of his building, was sentenced to up to six years in prison Monday morning, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and court records. Read more