Hasidic Jewish Man of Beating GAY Man Sentence Delayed

The family of a gay, black student beaten to near-death by a band of Hasidic neighborhood watchmen will have to wait two more months to see their son’s lead attacker face his fate. Read more

Singer Margalit Tzanani Car Exploded, Criminal Hit

Israeli singer Margalit Tsanani’s car exploded in the central Israeli city of Azur on Tuesday. After initial investigations into the blast, police have confirmed a criminal motive in the incident. Read more

Ira Bernstein Admits Plotting To Kill Wife

NEW CITY, New York – A plea deal was reached Monday in the case of a Rockland County podiatrist who plotted to have his wife murdered. Read more

Dolls Used To Smuggle Hard Drugs Into Israel From US

Ten suspects were taken into custody recently in a joint operation by Israeli police and the Tax Authority to crackdown on the smuggling of hard drugs into Israel from the United States. Read more

Israeli Suspected of Vandalizing Jesus Statue In Uman

Police in the city of Uman in Ukraine arrested an Israeli man they suspect of defacing a large crucifix as payback for the desecration of a synagogue last month. Read more

Haifa Rabbinical Court Rabbi Yechiel Illouz Seriously Wounded By Gunfire

A 45-year-old man was shot and killed and a rabbi who oversees conversions was seriously injured in two separate shooting incidents in Haifa on Tuesday. Police launched a manhunt for the suspected shooter or shooters. Read more

Joseph Gutnick and Son Mordechai Gutnick Links To US Fund In The Spotlight

Merlin Diamonds has been ordered to explain the relationship between its founder, bankrupt mining magnate Joe Gutnick, his son, Mordechai Gutnick, and a mysterious New York fund that owns 11 per cent of the company. Read more

Former Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger To Plead Guilty In NIS 10M. Fraud Case

Former Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger has reportedly reached a plea agreement with state prosecutors over a slew of corruption and bribery charges involving some NIS 10 million ($2.5 million). Read more

FBI Investigators Questioning Leaders In Williamsburg Satmar Community

FBI investigators are questioning leaders in Williamsburg’s Satmar Hasidic community in their expanding inquiry into Mayor de Blasio’s fund-raising practices. Read more

Platinum Partners Arrests Are Scant Consolation For Alleged Victims

When six executives of Platinum Partners, including founder Mark Nordlicht, were arrested on Monday on federal charges of running a more than $1 billion hedge fund fraud, people who had long alleged they were harmed by the New York-based firm felt some vindication. Read more