Rabbi Eliezer Lgra Solution To Get Refusal

The Chief Rabbi of the Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Eliezer Igra, referred to the issue of refusal to grant a divorce during a conference of the Bar Association. Read more

Rabbis Deny Battered Woman’s Divorce Plea: Husband Only Hit Her Because She Wanted To Leave

Rabbinical judges in Jerusalem last week rejected a motion for divorce filed by a battered woman, saying that her husband had only resorted to violence because she wanted to divorce him. Read more

Battle To Revoke Divorce of ‘Bound’ Woman Heats Up

A woman who was granted a divorce after her husband entered a persistent vegetative state a decade ago has turned to the Supreme Court to block an effort by a rabbinical court to nullify what some argue was an invalid divorce. Read more

Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court Succeeds In Granting Agunah Divorce

A judge from the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court went to Ben Gurion Airport at 5:00 AM Friday morning in order to receive a ‘get’ (halachic divorce) on behalf of a woman, to whom he handed the get just a few hours later at his residence. Read more

Jerusalem – Ivanka Trump Is Jewish After All Says Chief Rabbinate

In the wake of several high-profile controversies in which Orthodox converts from the US were rejected by the Israeli rabbinical courts and the Chief Rabbinate, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef announced on Wednesday that the recognition process is now set for “serious reform.” Read more

Israeli Rabbinical Court Could Pursue Criminal Charges Against Divorce Refusers

A Jewish man who refuses to divorce his wife in defiance of a rabbinical court order to do so will be liable to face criminal charges in the future, according to a policy change announced on Monday by State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan. Read more

Israeli Rabbinical Court Punishes American For Son’s Divorce Refusal

In a first ruling of its kind, Israeli rabbinical authorities have seized the passport of an American businessman and barred him from leaving the country for more than a year claiming he is responsible for his son’s refusal to grant his wife a divorce. Read more

Jerusalem – Keeping Kosher: It May Be Bad For Your Economic Health

Jerusalem – Behind Israel’s food and tourism industries thrives a parallel economy run by rabbis and a legion of inspectors whose business it is to make sure everything is kosher. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox: Kohanim Flying Out of Israel Must Fly Through Haifa

Ultra-Orthodox members of the kohen priestly class will need to find other ways to fly out of Israel that Ben Gurion Airport for the first two weeks of November, according to the Chief Lithuanian Religious Courts. Read more

Man’s Refusal To Grant Wife Divorce Unless She Pays Him $131,000 ‘Not Extortion,’ Israeli Court Says

A rabbinical court in Haifa has released a man from prison after accepting his appeal of a five-year sentence for refusing to grant his wife a divorce unless she paid him a 500,000 shekel ($131,000) fee. Read more